And, we’re live!

And, we’re live!

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2 comments on “And, we’re live!

  1. Jim Howard says:

    My option your to much in to alcohol. (drinking) Talk about it a lot. I see it being so many (mini) brewies around Oregon,,, but you don’t want there to be,,, (more then there are all ready are,,,, especially kids that is who your trying to get outdoors) ,,,,,,,,,people out there drinking, I know you want to show support and try to get funding, I see that. You have to find other ways beside coffee, beer, hard cider, other alcohols. (Coffee is an addictive drink/food) Teach them to drink steamers. Get supporter from farm’s, dairy’s, orchards. (Talk with me about this,, you know I’ve been doing this for 20+ yrs.

    The music you play to show examples or claim a point,, is to quiet or to loud (mainly quiet) If they don’t know it,,and pick it up in the few notes they could hear, they are lost because they didn’t hear it the way you wanted them to.

    I use to go with Bob Cryter to his radio show in down town Portland 1190 kex called the 5th deminchine (sp) (Ask Cora she may remember him) I would just sit at the table with him and partner and listen in on the conversation and say nothing,,, unless he had something he wanted to ask me, I would like to come and sit in with you guy’s. (Maybe your first guest.

    Good your talking about different places in Oregon. Listing all about them.

    Stay safe and well,, Sir AAron and Byrson JH

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, Jim! Appreciate your feedback! ~ Aaron

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