Why We Started Podcasting

Why We Started Podcasting

It started out as a desire nestled deeply within each of us, but with a spark we’d never lit.

Then one day Aaron’s girlfriend Cora said, ‘you know you & Bryce should do a podcast.’ One night shortly thereafter, we joined Bryce & Amy for dinner and talked for hours. And the rest continues to unravel from there.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


Our conversations tend to jump all over the place, and the topics are interesting and wide-ranging on our passions, outdoors, life, faith, personal growth, work, family, relationships and just about all areas of life.

Here on BCP, we talk about the stuff, while trying to stay on track.

2 comments on “Why We Started Podcasting

  1. Fawn Veach says:

    Hi! I’m loving your podcast. Bryce I’ve missed your stories from youth group, gosh that seems a life time ago, so I was excited to see this. Aaron, your stories are great. You guys make a good pair in sharing your experiences, good and bad, and I laugh every episode. Please keep sharing. I especially like when you share what your drinking, I find it fascinating. I can’t wait to get a sticker! I’m telling all my friends to listen to ya!

    1. Bryce Ginther says:

      So glad to have you with us Fawn! Thanks for the kids words. We’ll keep the stories coming if you keep listening!

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