Breaking Camp Podcast

Do you spend your days dreaming about your next adventure? Are you currently making a list of all the gear you’ll need, the places you’ll go, the loved ones who will join you?…Or is it solitude you desire?

Maybe you want to plan your very first outing but you aren’t sure where to start. If you answered yes to any of these, then we’re going to get along just fine!

We’re a couple of outdoorsy guys that are always looking for our next opportunity to explore mountains & streams, while we connect with people and nature. We love telling stories about our experiences and also about those times when we had epic failures. And we want to do all of this with you.

Breaking Camp podcast brings those of us who love the outdoors together to share, reflect and laugh about life.

Imagine waking up with your favorite travel-worn mug and that perfectly brewed cup of steaming Camp Coffee, imagine the first sip from a can, so cold your lips tingle and your hand aches from reaching into the icy chill of the Camp Cooler, imagine sitting around the campfire with friends enjoying a meal grilled to perfection in the Camp Kitchen.

We all love the feeling we get when we have squeezed every drop out of a day in the outdoors…so join us each week for another quick getaway on Breaking Camp.

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Episode 003 – What we love (and don’t) about the outdoors.

This time, we talk about why we love the outdoors. pros & cons, people, and we enjoy a tasty treat from the Camp Kitchen. Enjoy the show!

Episode 002 – Camping, anniversaries & trips back in the day.

We give it a go, again. This episode we talk about camping, relationships, anniversaries & a bunch of other stuff. Have a listen, enjoy the show!

Episode 001 – The best job ever? Camp host?

Breaking Camp Podcast Episode 1. We talk about the ultimate dream job. Camp host.


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